How To Prevent Colic In Babies?

Colic usually begins when your baby is a few weeks old. Colic normally lasts up to 4 months and at the latest 6 months. It is quite hard looking after a baby with colic but it tends to get easier as time goes on. It is caused by trapped wind, indigestion and certain sugars found in formula milk and also in breast milk.

Signs Of Colic

There are many signs of colic, here is a few listed below:

  • prolonged and painfull crying.
  • Crying in the late afternoons byt could start at any time.
  • Baby all crunched up with the fists tight and knees close to chest.
  • Bbaies face is flush and red.

If your baby has colic they might seem distressed but this is normal when they are crying it doesn’t mean it is harmful. You should just carry on feeding your baby as normal.

Advice for helping your baby

There is no specific method that you can use if your baby has colic, but there are some techniques you can try to see which one works best for you.

  • Getting babies wind up after a feed.
  • Warm baths to soothe your baby.
  • massaging your baby’s tummy
  • Holding your baby during crying episodes
  • Holding your baby in an upright position during a feed preventing them swallowing air.

If you choose to breast feed try to avoid too much caffeine, and also adding drops to bottled milk and breast milk to help release any trapped air in their digestive system.

When To Seek Medical Attntion

If you see different changes in your baby and are worried something is not right then it is best to get help when your baby might have the following:

  • Your baby has blood in their poo (stool).
  • Your baby is vomiting green fluids.
  • Has a temperature higher than normal.
  • Has problems breathing and can’t catch their breathe.
  • Your baby seems floppyier than normal.
  • Your baby isnt feeding.

    This could mean that your baby might be developing something different and they will need to be seen by their GP so they can examine them and find out what is causing these symptoms.

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